Friday, January 19, 2018

The Series:

The most elite Surf Sports athletes in the world will have the opportunity to compete across 6 events to become the ultimate champion across all disciplines in the Ocean6Series. These include:

The full Ocean6 event schedule will test athletes across additional events; Run-Swim-Run, Beach Sprints, Board Relay, Surf Ski Relay and Double Ski.

The Pointscore:

An athletes best 3 results* from Ocean6 will be used to calculate their cumulative point score, with a champion crowned in each Series at the end of the season

(*exception for the Nutri-Grain Ironman and Ironwoman Series where the best 5 results will be accumulated)


Place Points
1 100
2 88
3 78
4 70
5 64
6 60
7 57
8 55
9 54
10 53
11 52
12 51
13 50
14 49
15 48
16 47
17 46
18 45
19 44
20 43


For events with;

>40 competitors = points allocated for 20 results
>20 competitors = points allocated for 10 results
>10 competitors = points allocated for 8 results
<10 competitors = points allocated for 4 results





Whilst we are working with athletes to create as many opportunities to display personal sponsors as possible, we will need to cover or remove personal sponsors from craft in some cases where an individuals sponsor conflicts with one of our series partners.

We do rely almost entirely on our fantastic partners to create the events, athletes prize pools, and cover broadcast costs for Summer of Surf and need to live up to all of our sponsorship obligations.

Therefore the conditions of registration for each event must be adhered to.

These conditions essentially state that in order to receive any prize monies and points for Ocean6 event finals, all athletes must wear event sponsor race shirts and swimwear (where applicable), place stickers on craft and allow GoPro’s to be attached to race craft when asked.


Athletes that make an Ocean6 final will have the opportunity to purchase a vest to add their personal sponsor. All finalists may apply to

Please include; athletes name, Series, sponsors name, sponsors industry and sponsors artwork (in vector form).

Upon approval of your application a $60 fee will be required (cost of vest and printing of logo included).