Friday, January 19, 2018

Round 4 of Ocean6 will be heading south to Victoria, with Ocean6 proudly partnering with Fairhaven SLSC. As a one-day event Ocean6 will include Torquay SLSC’s Prestigious Surf Coast Times Jim Wall Iron Challenge as part of the qualification for the Nurti-Grain Ironman Final.


Date;  Sunday 14th January

Location; Fairhaven, VIC

*Nutri-Grain Ironman and Ironwoman Final qualification: Jim Wall Ironman Friday 12th, Torquay, VIC.

All SLS competitor entries to be made via SLSA Carnival Manager *by entering via Carnival Manager you agree to the conditions, risk warning and insurance details below

$51.00 OPEN water competitors

$27.00 U/17 water competitors

$27.00 OPEN and U/17 beach competitors


All Public competitor entries to be made via the Public Entry Form *by entering via Carnival Manager you agree to the conditions, risk warning and insurance details below

$27.00 PUBLIC competitors


Additional $14.00 late entry fee for all competitors after Wednesday 10th January (11:59pm).



I acknowledge and agree that:

  • the Ocean6 events (“Events”) and the conduct of, and participation in, such Events can be and will be affected by wind, wave and surf conditions;
  • there is an element of the “luck of the prevailing conditions” in entering and participating in these Events.


Risk Warning

My participation in the Event is inherently dangerous and involves risk. There are risks specifically associated with participation in these Events and accidents can and often do happen, including but not limited to collisions with sand, persons and/or equipment, being dumped by the surf, ingestion of water, exposure to the natural marine environment including ocean predators, wind, wave and hypothermia which may result in personal injury, death or property damage. Prior to participating in the Events, I will make myself aware of all of the risks involved, including those risks associated with any health condition I may have.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I acknowledge, agree, and understand that participation in the Events involves risk. I agree and undertake any such risk voluntarily and at my own risk.  I acknowledge that the assumption of risk and warning above constitutes a ‘risk warning’ in accordance with relevant legislation.



I acknowledge and agree that Ocean6 has arranged some limited insurance coverage for me whilst I am participating in the Event which may provide me with some protection for loss, damage or injury that I may suffer during my participation in the Events.  I further acknowledge and agree that the insurance cover provided by Ocean6 may not provide full indemnity for loss, damage or injury that I may suffer during my participation in the Events and that I may not be covered or may have to pay the excess if a claim under the insurance is made on my behalf.  I agree that my own insurance arrangements are ultimately my own responsibility and I will arrange any additional coverage at my expense after taking into account Ocean6’s insurance arrangements and my own circumstances.


Please note the Ocean6 series has prizemoney on offer therefore athletes are not eligible for coverage under work cover. Participating athletes will only be covered under the Series Personal Accident Insurance. Public competitors (i.e. those not a member of an affiliated SLS club) will compete at their own risk.

Visit the Jim Wall Iron Man website for more information.

The top 8 Ironmen and top 8 Ironwomen from the Jim Wall Iron will qualify for the Nutri-Grain Series final on Sunday 14th January at Fairhaven.


$4,000 total prizepool for the Jimwall Ironman and Ironwoman races!

Entry details

Entry price $60.00

Entry is separate to the Ocean6 Fairhaven event, Competitor Entry.

Event schedule